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Posted on: January 11, 2017
Category: Economic Development

Great River Energy supports businesses across a wide variety of industries throughout Minnesota due to its diverse service territory, which ranges from the outer-ring suburbs of the Twin Cities to the Arrowhead region to the north and the agricultural communities to the south.

The state has not only abundant natural resources and raw materials, but has also developed a world-class supply chain of technology providers that lead the world in extracting, processing and refining mineral commodities into everyday finished goods. Beyond the natural resources it has to offer, Minnesota has proved to be an excellent location for data center development and advanced manufacturing.

» Agricultural and Forest Products: Minnesota’s rich history of farming and forestry has evolved into an economic hub delivering advanced agricultural and forest products of all kinds. The state has an annual net growth of 5.1 million new cords of timber, of which less that 50 percent is harvested. It’s also a leader in the biofuel and biochemistry industries, boasting 25 biofuel/biobutanol production facilities. Click here for more.

» Data Centers: Great River Energy is a leader in site selection services whose expertise, combined with one of the most aggressive state incentive programs, provides increased speed-to-market and long-term operational savings for data centers. The cooperative was the first in Minnesota to develop a site assessment and tiered designation program specifically for data center development. Click here for more.

» Advanced Manufacturing: According to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, manufacturing is the largest private-sector contributor to the state’s GDP. Direct and spin-off employment accounts for close to 1/3 of all jobs statewide. Advanced sectors within Great River Energy’s service area include: medical devices, fabricated metal products, food production and plastics and rubber products. Click here for more.

» Mining: Minnesota continues to serve as a major supplier of all kinds of minerals. Mine operators and supply chain businesses are currently gearing up for another round of major investments in the state to serve the growing demand for non-ferrous minerals and direct-reduced iron products. The timing and potential is great for mining operators and related supply chain industries to expand here. Click here for more.

The economic development services team at Great River Energy is committed to helping businesses in all of these sectors start or grow in locations its member cooperatives serve across Minnesota. Dedicated, responsive and experienced staff will always have the answers you need to make informed decisions for the future of your business.